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bitteR Powerful Protection from Rats - 340ml Jumbo Spray

bitteR Powerful Protection from Rats - 340ml Jumbo Spray

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Brand bitteR
Scent Camphor
Item Volume 340 Millilitres
Material Feature Biodegradable
Item Form Aerosol

Protect Wires in Car, Bike | Camphor Fragrance | Non Toxic | No Kill Only Repels | 60 Days Protection (Pack of 1)

  • PROTECTS wires, cables, tubes, parts of rubber, plastic etc. in Car, Bike and at Home from rat chewing.

  • Contains DENATONIUM BENZOATE – Recognised as the World’s bitterest-tasting substance by Guinness world records.
  • RATS get a bitter shock in their mouth if they attempt to chew any surface coated with bitteR. This bitter experience makes them run away from such places and protecting your valuable items/appliances etc.
  • CAMPHOR FRAGRANCE – The fragrance of camphor is believed to be effective in driving rats away. Also, no worry of foul smell spreading in the car cabin or home.
  • 60 DAYS PROTECTION - Spray on the surface from 10cm away and apply 2 coats.
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