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Cocktail Garnish - Dried Hibiscus - 25 G

Cocktail Garnish - Dried Hibiscus - 25 G

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Embark on a floral journey with Dried Hibiscus Flower – a versatile storyteller for both your beverages and food pursuits. Imagine the vibrant hue and natural taste of these hibiscus flowers, an all-natural colorant that adds finesse to your cocktails and mocktails. Whether crafting a hibiscus iced tea or enhancing fizzy Gin & tonic infused with Dried Hibiscus petals & topped with dried lemon slices, the possibilities are endless.

Beyond beverages, these dried hibiscus flowers shine as cocktail garnishes, effortlessly adding elegance to your drinks. Their versatility extends to creating a delightful synergy with dehydrated fruit for cocktails or mixing with dried citrus slices, creating an aromatic masterpiece. Explore the year-round appeal of hibiscus tea, chilled or warmed, and elevate your mixology and creative endeavors with ME Garnish Dried Hibiscus Flowers – where every sip and scent tells a story of natural indulgence.

These carefully dried hibiscus flowers, bursting with natural antioxidants and flavonoids, present a healthy gift of low-caffeine flower tea, ideal for detox and cleansing rituals.

Made in a GMP Certified facility that is free of gluten, nuts, dairy, and animal products

100% Natural
Dairy Free
Nut Free
Vegan Friendly

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