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Melrose - Turmeric Superblend - 120g

Melrose - Turmeric Superblend - 120g

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Product Description

Natural Inflammation Fighter

  • Naturally rich in anti-inflammatory ingredients
  • 200mg curcuminoids per serve
  • Helps with mild pain caused by inflammation 
  • Keeps your gut happy
  • Supports immunity
  • Promotes general wellbeing
  • 30 serves per pack 

Product Details

Melrose Turmeric Superblend is a powerhouse blend of superfoods, naturally rich in inflammation fighting curcumin and naturally occurring antioxidants to help and promote general well-being.

Our Superfood blend is packed with 200mg of curcumin, to boost everything that turmeric does naturally, a little more. The rich warm flavour of this superfood blend will bring you creamy comfort during the winter season and keep those nasty feels down.

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