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Organic Life

Organic Life - Rejuvenate - 22.5g

Organic Life - Rejuvenate - 22.5g

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Our certified organic herbs and spices are grown and harvested from the organic forest garden of Sri Lanka by a large network of small farmers. The produce is carefully handpicked, prepared and packed to meet the highest international organic standards.

These Organic wellness teas are a fusion of teas and traditional age-old herbal home recipes embraced in villages for general well being prior to the introduction of tea and coffee into the island.  The herbs are grown locally by our community of small-hold farmers, well-versed in growing traditional herbs to retain the best of their properties and are certified organic by Control Union Netherlands.

The rejuvenate tea is a herbal infusion combining purposeful herbs to rejuvenate the soul.

Ingredients: Organic – moringa, lemongrass and ginger


Moringa – rich in nutrients, known for its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties which help retain good liver, digestive and mental health. It also helps maintain healthy skin.

Lemongrass – is known to be beneficial to the nervous system and helps combat fatigue and anxiety.

Ginger – is known to be an excellent carminative aiding in a healthy digestive system.

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