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Power Superfoods

Power Super Foods - Cacao Butter Buttons - 450g

Power Super Foods - Cacao Butter Buttons - 450g

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Like our Cacao Gold Butter chunks, only in convenient to melt evenly sized buttons. Power Super Foods raw Cacao Butter Buttons are made by cold pressing the finest certified organic Criollo cacao beans to extract the rich natural oils. An essential ingredient in home made chocolate, cacao butter can be gently melted into a sublime glossy liquid, adding superior taste and velvety texture to your home made culinary creations.


Certified Organic fairly traded 100% raw criollo cacao butter buttons (Theobroma cacao criollo)


All cacao is not created equal. Our cacao butter is cold pressed from certified organic cacao beans to retain its nutritional properties, exquisite natural chocolate aroma and flavour and luscious texture.

We never use high heat or solvents to extract this edible fat from the bean and we do not bleach or deodorise our cacao butter. Cacao Butter is a very stable product with a long shelf life. When the butter is melted, small amounts of humidity or aeration variations can occasionally lead to a white-ish appearance on the butter. This is a completely natural occurrence and does not affect the taste or quality of the cacao butter. Fairy traded sustainable cacao ensures producers receive a fair price for their cacao and helps break the cycle of poverty bringing opportunities and dignity to indigenous communities.

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