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Power Superfoods

Power Super Foods - Cacao Nibs Raw - 125g

Power Super Foods - Cacao Nibs Raw - 125g

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Known as nature’s chocolate chips, our organic raw cacao nibs are the delicious result of shelled and crushed cacao beans from the seeds of the Theobroma cacao tree. Only using the highest quality criollo variety means that these little gems are an exotic taste adventure rich in flavour compounds.


Certified Organic fairly traded 100% cacao nibs (Theobroma cacao criollo.


All cacao is not created equal. Our cacao beans are sustainably sourced from the finest criollo beans grown by smallholder farms in South America where they are grown organically and meet the highest of quality standards. The preferred bean of chocolate connoisseurs, the Criollo variety has a delicate yet complex taste and unmatched texture and smoothness. cacao nibs are the result of fermented cacao beans that are dried, cleaned then cracked to remove the brittle shell or husk leaving behind deliciously healthy crunchy raw nibs.

Our cacao range is fairly traded and certified organic with no toxic chemicals, pesticides or GMOs used in cultivation or processing.


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