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Power Superfoods

Power Super Foods - Dulse Flakes - 40g

Power Super Foods - Dulse Flakes - 40g

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Power Super Foods raw organic dulse is a nutrient dense red seaweed that grows in remote, intertidal zones. This immaculate environment ensures this mineral rich sea vegetable comes to you in its most natural form. Wild harvested from the cold pristine waters of the North Atlantic the dulse is then air dried at low temperatures and ground into flakes. Drying leaves behind a white layer of naturally occurring sea salt adding depth of flavour to this wild sea vegetable.


Certified Organic Dulse seaweed flakes (Palmaria palmata)


Dried not fried, our dulse flakes are raw and wild. Hand harvested sustainably from the pristine waters of the north Atlantic they are then gently dried at low temperatures to retain nutrients. Tested for microbes, heavy metals, radiation and other contaminants, our seaweeds also pass a series of rigid third party protocols to be classified as Australian certified organic. Our seaweeds grow in remote seas away from cities and associated pollution and are hand harvested sustainably and responsibly by experienced foragers.

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