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Tropeaka - Premium Clean Coffee - 200g (Whole Beans)

Tropeaka - Premium Clean Coffee - 200g (Whole Beans)

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Move over crap coffee; there's a new, delicious, healthy alternative!

Is this Australia's healthiest coffee? We'll let you decide...

Our premium organic whole Arabica coffee beans are a synergistic blend of the finest high-altitude, specialty grade, premium coffee beans of Honduran and Peruvian origin.

Our signature beans work harmoniously to produce a smooth, sweet blend that delivers notes of cacao, malt and toasted almonds while providing a wonderfully rounded mouthfeel that maintains its delicate acidity.

Hand-picked and defect-free, our coffee undergoes strict quality control measures to ensure you're getting consistent flavour and superior quality every time!

Tropeaka's Premium Organic Clean Coffee is backed by our THA+ Signature Sourcing & Roasting Process!™

This signature process begins with sourcing organic, specialty grade, defect-free, high altitude green coffee beans.

It moves onto a roasting process that helps retain more antioxidants while providing a perfectly balanced, smooth and delicious taste.

The process finishes with an independent lab test that verifies the coffee's purity and that it's free from pesticides, mycotoxins, ochratoxins, moulds & yeasts.

We also take things to the next level with our smokeless roasting process that ensures the coffee is free of acrylamides.

Most importantly, we only work with farms that share our values, which means no child labour, inhumane working conditions, or unsustainable farming practices.

Whether you enjoy a latte, cold brew or cappuccino, this premium and delicious medium roast blend will have you feeling empowered that you are making the right choice in Conquering The Day The Healthy Way!


100% Arabica Whole Coffee Beans*

*Certified Organic

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