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Tropeaka - Tropical Ebony Spoon

Tropeaka - Tropical Ebony Spoon

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Our 100% natural Tropical Ebony Spoons are beautifully handcrafted from the ebony hardwood grown in the tropical climates of South East Asia!

Each spoon is made from sustainable sources of timber and goes through a process of being cut, cleaned, sanded and finished with a food-grade organic, virgin coconut oil.

They are the perfect companion for the Tropeaka Coconut Bowl. Brighten up any meal with the bowl and spoon combo, and bring your smoothie bowls, salads, soups, curries, noodle dishes and meals alive!

They're also great in photography, and a must have for anyone showing off their food creations on social media!

Each spoon is hand crafted with love, and due to the authentic nature of the ebony timber, each spoon is 100% unique with it's own colour, design, pattern and look.

Each spoon has an average length of 16cm (6.3 inches).

With the proper care, each spoon will last hundreds of uses and will add a beautiful tropical feel to every meal!


100% Natural Tropical Ebony Wooden Spoons (nothing artificial, NO artificial glues or lacquers)

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